Aperio - Your Criminal Investigation Professionals

It is well known that large amounts of criminal offences in New Zealand and internationally go completely unreported - and because of this, they are not deemed worthy of official police investigation.

Aperio are here to help you investigate these unreported crimes and greatly increase the likelihood of offenders being justly prosecuted.

These criminal investigations are carried out through:

  • Full, professional crime scene examinations
  • Conducting vital area inquiries
  • Interviewing relevant witnesses
  • Preparing reports and files on your behalf to an acceptable High Court Standard
  • Working with the police and/or other prosecuting agencies during the investigation

As licensed, professional investigators, Aperio are fully qualified to assist you in any kind of criminal investigation. You can be assured that your privacy will be completely protected, and all effort with be made to minimise delays throughout the investigation.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion about what you require.