Your Drug Investigation and Consultancy Specialists

Are you concerned about the impact that methamphetamine (P) is having in your family, workplace, and community?

Well, so are Aperio Investigations. They work with people like you to investigate and educate on the effects of drug abuse.

Director Graeme Rowe is an experienced professional speaker and drug educator who has spent years providing consultancy services to companies, schools, community groups and individuals who want to know how they can best protect themselves from the devastating impact of methamphetamine.

Aperio works closely with Methcon Group to conduct drug investigations and also run educational seminars for groups at their request.

If you would like to find out more about:

  • Seminar presentations
  • Vehicle and premises examinations
  • Surveillance and protection programmes

Then feel free to get in touch with Aperio, and they can help you with any drug investigation or consultancy queries.